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Protoshop 2016

Protoshop is an exhibition that presents prototypes and new product ideas at the annual interior design fair Habitare during Helsinki Design Week. Protoshop is a platform where designers can meet companies and end-users, or test how their designs are perceived by the public. The Ahead! hall, where the exhibition is located, is dedicated to the latest in Finnish and international design.

My woven textile Magma is one of the 14 exhibited prototypes seeking manufacturing channels.

All prototypes and designers are presented at Imu Design's website, the producer of Protoshop and Talentshop.


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to Oct 9

Bloom #37

The annual youth exhibition at the prestigious concept store to independent Finnish art, design and craft. Lokal believes in the value of handmade items, craftsmanship and small scale production. The themed group exhibitions change every month.  

My art prints and woven textile are showcased at this curated group exhibition of young artists. The Bloom exhibition is included to the program of Helsinki Design Week Sep 1–11, 2016.

Photos from the exhibition in here

Video from setting up the exhibition in here

Article about HDW highlights in Wallpaper*

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to May 29


Curated group exhibition showing the versatility and high artistic level of textile work at Aalto University. The aim is to bring the processes involved in making textiles from behind the scenes to the main stage.

Part of my MA graduate collection is showcased at this five-day event, which is included to the programs of art, fashion and design festivals: Pre Helsinki, Helsinki New and Aalto Festival.

Photos from the exhibition in here

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